10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mobile App Development Agency?

By Mobikasa Admin / May 01 2019
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Have you decided to launch your own mobile app and build a user base? There is no doubt that mobile app development has become significantly popular. But hiring a mobile app development agency in New York City that matches your requirements is a challenge in itself.

Worried about being clear on all terms before taking on the services? Here are the ten questions you must ask while hiring a Mobile App Development Agency.

  1. What is your regular process for app development services?

Learn about the various stages your application will go through during the time of its development. Their signature process should align with your needs. An ideal agency would use an agile development methodology.


  1. What services are included in the development package?

The user experience of the application must be qualified before introducing it to the market. It is important to find out whether the mobile app development company provides beta testing services that are essential requirements before the official launch.


  1. What about the resources that are involved?

Finding out about the resources involved and their dedication to the project is essential to understand how far they are willing to go, to incorporate your changes. Ensure that you have an enthusiastic team of App Developers working on your project.


  1. What platforms can the App Developers build the application on?

Find out which platform the team will first work on—Android or iOS. Ensure that they prioritize the platform based on your business plan. Subsequently, gauge and understand whether they’re adept at both platforms.


  1. How important is your involvement and feedback during the development?

Understand the level of input the mobile app development company needs from you. It is important to track the progress as it involves making decision based on it. Being involved during the development of prototypes, wireframes and the other stages will give you control over the process and the product.


  1. What is the mode of communication to keep up with the development?

This will require you to determine the project management platform to track the progress with the Mobile App Development Agency. Also, you should set the day and the frequency at which you need the updates—if weekly, then which day of the week? A communication chain must also be created as per the team assigned for conveying the key points.


  1. What is the estimated timeline of the project?

Every stage of the project must be planned. From demonstrating the first prototype to presenting the first version of the application, every stage must have a deadline in order to track the progress and determine the stipulated date of launch in the market.


  1. Do you offer post-launch services?

Apart from the pre-launch services, understand whether the resources will also be dedicated to post-launch activities. Find out whether extra rates and policies are involved. The Best App Developers should ideally provide services like bug fixing and post go-live support.


  1. Who owns the code?

It is the most important question to ask while hiring a mobile app development agency. It must be absolutely clear through documentation to avoid any kind of problem in the future.


  1. What are your payment and fee terms?

Keep your budget constraints in mind while choosing the app development services. Do not let the price compromise the quality. Discuss and come to an agreement with each and every aspect of the project before signing the deal. Also, ask for the mode of payment and frequency—whether it’s a one-time payment or paid between the stages of development.

These are some of the most important questions no client should miss out on while talking to an agency. Transparency is the only key to achieving the mutual targets. After all, a perfect mobile application can revolutionize the operation of your business. This is why we are recognized as a top New York Mobile App Development Company on DesignRush.

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