4 Techniques to Incorporate Video Content for Optimizing Your SEO Strategy

By Mobikasa Admin / May 30 2022
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Google is the largest search engine network. And for that reason, you need to rank your website on the first page of Google if you want to grow your business online. And to rank on the first page of Google, you need to know all the SEO tactics.

We all know the importance of keywords for SEO. There are so many websites and apps available to help you find keywords for your article. But have you ever focused on making video content for SEO optimization?

Video content is equally important to optimize SEO. It’s a new way to attract an audience. Using video content drives traffic to your website and gives ranking on the first page of SERP.

According to ‘AimClear,’ there are 41% higher click-through rates on video search results than text-based results. And according to ‘Convenience & Convert,’ blogs with video content have a 53x higher chance to rank on the first page of google.

Many sources will help you know more amazing facts about using video content for SEO.

But why does video content help so much with SEO? What are the actual reasons behind it? And how does it work?

This blog will clear all the doubts about video content and help you know how to incorporate it into your blogs.

Why has video marketing become so helpful for SEO optimization?

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Before knowing how it works, we need to understand why it works.


Backlinks help with SEO for your website. The more your video will gain backlinks, the more you will rank higher on SEO, which will soar your business growth.

Good video content is more likely to get shared by the audience, or they might write a blog post on your video content with your site’s backlink. Thus the number of your backlink will increase, and you’ll get a good ranking.

But to make your video shareable, you need to make your video professionally, which can be done through an online video maker tool. People nowadays are always online, and when they see something that impacts them, they share it real quick. But make sure your video makes sense and is engaging. Try to make videos relevant to your business and blogs.

For example, if your business is about beauty products, make a video on daily life struggles with beauty and make your products the solution to those problems. In that way, you can teach people about your products while engaging them with entertaining content at the same time.

Educating and interesting at the same time

We all like stuff that makes us feel entertained; it doesn’t matter if we are a child or adults. And it becomes a plus point when that entertaining stuff teaches us something. It makes us hooked on that thing.

The same way video content works. A good video increases the backlinks and increases the time viewers spend on your website. That means more attention. Videos make the audience hooked up to the content.

A website with video content is more likely to respond well to customers. They will comment on your blogs and articles when they see videos, and it creates a good impact on your website.

And when people will spend more time with your website and get a good impact, your website will increase the SEO optimization and rank higher. That’s how they are all connected.

After knowing the facts about why video content is essential, you need to know how to use them effectively in your blogs and website. There are some simple yet effective ways explained by SEO experts to use video content.

How to use video content SEO optimization?

Here, we’ll take a sneak peek at the techniques of using SEO for your video marketing.

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Decide your target audience

Targeting the main audience is essential for any business. They are equally important to entrepreneurs and solopreneurs as well. If you can understand your target audience and achieve their attention, then 60% work is done.

Remember one thing, and your goal is to convert the visitors into paying clients.

So make sure your video contents are relevant to those target audiences and that they like it.

Make such videos that people can’t resist themselves engaging. Check your website and observe who visits your website often, who is purchasing your products and showing interest in your website, and make a list.

You can organize an online contest and a giveaway to increase website visitors. Your website is more likely to get shared by various people, and your website will reach more audiences.

Suppose your website gets 100 visitors; at least 30 people will show genuine interest in your business, and they will become your future target audience. Thus you can figure it out.

Pro-level editing and producing

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Keeping up with your mind that you are doing it for your business to rank, you need a good video editor and producer. Moreover, if you want to give your videos a professional touch and attract more viewers, you must invest in a professional video editing tool that will provide tremendous results.

Because in these kinds of platforms, quality matters the most. Remember to make knowledgeable and short content because short videos get more attention than long ones. You must briefly cover important tips to make it look professional and entertaining.

Correct use of video transitions, lights, and a good production can rank your online page higher than others.

SEO optimized titles and thumbnails

A Seo-optimized title and text help as a booster in your game. For that, you need to do some keyword research. Remember where you are uploading your video, google, or youtube. Research your keyword according to your platforms.

There are so many apps and websites to help you find keywords, or you can just search on the search bar. Type the keywords on the search bar, and you will get tons of related results.

In the same way, make your thumbnails, but always choose a catchy pickup line for your thumbnails so that people click it as soon as they see them.

Create transcriptions

Transcription is the written form of the video. Google can’t optimize the words said in a video, and transcription will do the job. Use highly SEO-optimized words with the help of a keyword researcher and write a good, well-structured transcription.

Combining a video and good transcription will make your website divine and different from others. Thus you can stand out from the crowd. To know more about video transcriptions and their results, check out here.


With the popularity of online businesses, SEO marketing is growing daily. And to highlight your business, among others, you need to do something creative with the trending technique.

This blog has given you how you can use video content and use it to optimize your website.

All you need to do is apply accordingly to your needs. And hope for the best. Remember to do smart work with hard work. This match will never disappoint. When you combine your video with an SEO plan, you can be confident that you will have a wonderful, beneficial, and authentic video marketing strategy for your company.




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