How Digital Marketing is Better than Traditional Marketing?

By Mobikasa Admin / Feb 15 2022

Spreading the word about your business and attracting more customers is crucial. Marketing is a tool that can help you in not only building brand awareness but also increase sales & revenue, and grow business. We as a digital marketing firm believe that you already know about the concept and significance of marketing, but do you know the right way to create brand awareness? Digital Marketing or Traditional Marketing, what is the right way to boost the success of the business?

In this blog, we have gathered information and tried to answer these questions, so read it till the end to know how digital marketing is better than traditional marketing. Also, the basic information you should know if you wish to engage a maximum number of users. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a type of marketing wherein promotion or advertisement of products and services is done by a growth marketing agency through digital devices and platforms. In simple words, any form of marketing carried out on online platforms through devices like mobile, laptop, etc is known as Digital Marketing.

Types of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a comprehensive field that entails many areas of specialization. Following are the main types of digital marketing – 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Put simply, SEO agency NYC follows a careful process of structuring and optimizing your website’s pages to achieve the best position possible on search engine result pages when internet users search on an engine like Google that’s related to your business.

Paid Social and Paid Search Advertising (PPC)

The ads that you see on social media and search engine result pages are paid ads that a PPC marketing agency creates to compete with other companies for the desired result and position in the selected search engine.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a way of promoting services and products using different content types that are enlisted below – 

  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • eBooks
  • Email marketing


Apart from the aforementioned, a digital marketing firm will use automation, designing, apps, mobile marketing, SMS, web analytics, etc to advertise your products or services.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Before digital marketing and social media gained popularity, traditional marketing was the only way for companies to promote or advertise their product or service to the targeted audience. In layman’s terms, traditional marketing involves traditional platforms for promoting such as broadcast media, print media, etc through which the marketers spread the word for their companies. Many organizations that still utilize traditional marketing have to bear hefty bills to promote their products.

Types of Traditional Marketing

There are several methods of traditional marketing. Let us learn about them one by one.


As we all know Television is an indispensable part of every household, it is the most preferred way for marketing under Traditional Marketing.


Another type of traditional marketing that has been in use for hundreds of years now is Radio. Though in this digitized age Radio has lost its popularity, companies still spend a noteworthy amount of money to promote their products and services 

Print Media Advertising

Print Media Advertising simply means promoting products and services by advertising in newspapers and magazines.


In traditional marketing, outdoor advertising is a general way of promoting the business. Outdoor advertising encompasses – 

  • Billboards
  • Transit advertising
  • Guerrilla advertising
  • Mobile Billboards
  • Point of sales display

Phone calls

A phone call is the favorite type of traditional marketing that companies use to promote business, build brand awareness, or even sell products 

How is Digital Marketing better than Traditional Marketing?

Subscribing to the services of a digital marketing agency in NYC can bring enormous benefits to your business be it a start-up, manufacturing firm, or service provider. Below are listed some advantages of digital marketing than those of traditional marketing – 

  1. Low cost – When it comes to advertising or promoting business, companies have to bear a load of financial burdens with traditional marketing. While digital marketing offers comparatively affordable options to create a considerable impact at a way less cost.
  2. Easy to measure – Digital marketing campaigns can be easily measured in terms of performance. Where traditional methods keep you waiting for several weeks to analyze the veracity of a campaign, digital campaigns provide you with an option to estimate on an almost immediate basis.
  3. Easy to share – With digital marketing platforms you get sharing capabilities. With these capabilities, you can share your ad or campaign with multiple followers on multiple channels. Unlike the other type of marketing, digital marketing can help improve sales results by multiplying the campaign’s effectiveness all at once.
  4. Precise action for targeting – Targeted campaigning is one of the paramount advantages of digital marketing for promoting products or services. That means your ads or campaign will be visible to the customers based on their initial actions or preferences.
  5. Unlike the traditional form of marketing, digital marketing allows you to advertise your voice globally. Digital ad campaigns have made it easy to be visible anywhere in the world, and they open a smooth path for great exposure and future opportunities.

Digital marketing is better than traditional marketing because it builds your company’s brand reputation while putting utmost effort to reach the masses through a well-developed & designed website, useful content in form of relevant blogs or articles, and interactive social platforms.

The Takeaway

Traditional marketing is highly focused on one or a maximum of two solutions at a time, but in digital marketing, original high-quality content and a curated SEO plan helps build unwavering marketing efforts. At Mobikasa growth marketing agency, our team of experts is more than qualified to assist you in the process of taking your reach to the advanced level by increasing exposure for engaging audiences widely.

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