Must Have Backlinks for Any SEO Campaign Expansion

By Mobikasa Admin / Oct 30 2021

Have you been struggling with your SEO efforts? Are you tired of not seeing your clients’ landing pages rank on the top 3 search pages on Google? Perhaps you need to take a closer look at the type of backlinks you are generating for your clients. When it comes to backlinks, as a rule of thumb, always go by Quality over Quantity.

Many well-renowned SEO agencies in NYC and other technologically advanced cities in America will impart this very same wisdom to you. Operating with a mindset that focuses on quality will yield better results in the long run, albeit it might take longer too. But believe me, when you see your pages ranking and climbing their way up on the 1st page of Google’s search results, there’s no greater joy than that.

So in order to rank, you need to emphasize the types of backlinks that you are incorporating into your content. Many times your content may be bang on but the type of backlinks you insert in them may sabotage your entire campaign.

Most digital marketing firms will run after acquiring a variety of backlinks such as blog comments and directory page links, failing to realize that the source of these backlinks matters more than the type.

So be sure to assess them with a high standard. There are many types of high-quality backlinks that you can insert but first, you must know what actually impacts the value of these backlinks that you are chasing.

  1. Link Location – Now would you prefer to click on a link that is in the footer, title, or sidebar of a page or a link that sits in the center of a content? Obviously the latter. This is because links that lie in the main body of the content not only provide content in relation to the link but also are more clicked on due to the accessibility factor. Hence, picking backlinks that lie in the main body of the content should be a priority standard.
  2. Link Status – Is the link you’re taking a do-follow or a no-follow link? No-follow links accredit less value to links since they are directed by an HTML code to do so. Do-follow links on the other hand render a much higher status to your backlinks and hence drive more quality traffic onto your website. This sends a positive signal to Google’s algorithms when indexing and crawling your pages. If you want to check the status of a link you can easily do so with the help of a simple Chrome extension called “NoFollow Simple”. Click here to install.
  3. Link Authority – Last and most importantly, you want to be sure about the Domain Authority score of the site you are taking the links from. If the site has a higher score than yours then it plays in your favor and sends a positive signal to Google. The same is true vice versa. Links from sites that are recognized as top authoritative resources will send more positive signals to search engines than links from low-quality, lesser-known sites.

There you have it, these are a few factors to keep in mind while doing your backlink research which can really skyrocket your efforts. Now let’s get to the part you’ve all been waiting for – Backlinks for Any SEO Campaign Expansion.

  1. Forum Comment Backlinks
  2. Testimonial and Review Backlinks
  3. Social Bookmarking Backlinks
  4. Guest Post Outreach Backlinks
  5. Editorial Backlinks
  1. Forum Comment Links

To put it simply, backlinks are the number one weapon in your arsenal when it comes to accreditation for quality links. How does this tie into forums? Well, people talk. If your site is doing well and someone recommends it on a forum discussion or in the comment section of a related post, you are sorted. People will flock to your website to check out what all the fuss is about.

A good forum comment backlink is like a great referral or a recommendation. Such referral will take your business places. Such online communities hold the power to make or break brands. However, Google does not support and can quickly identify when a growth marketing agency or SEO agency is trying to spam the comments for a backlink. Such black-hat practices must be completely avoided.

  1. Testimonial and Review Links

Testimonials are great for letting other users know that something has worked well for them and can be a great way to promote brands regardless of the product or service you are trying to sell. Many companies will spam review pages and forums with unnecessary and untrue testimonials, vouching for the quality of work rendered by a company.

Such malpractices may serve you an immediate purpose but Google will be quick to penalize you if you don’t check yourself. These two sorts of backlinks can be great to build backlinks for any website but they must be organic. Honest reviews are not only appreciated and help with SEO efforts but the dishonest and spammy ones can be identified easily, leaving them utterly useless.

  1. Social Bookmarking Links

Social bookmarking involves sending or sharing a link to a website with a friend or any second party in general. This is usually or mostly done on social media platforms. The links you create and receive from social bookmarking, you guessed it, are social bookmarking links.

Social bookmarking websites are sites on which Internet users share their web pages, articles, blog posts, images, and videos. Some common websites include Pinterest, Twitter, Dribble, Pocket, and Reddit.

There are many pros to submitting your content online because they help to increase your brand awareness whilst creating useful and high-value backlinks for your website. But you must keep in mind to provide stunning content. The more people who have access to your content, the more likely you are to go viral.

  1. Guest Post Outreach Links

Guest posting or Guest post blogging is the practice of creating content for other websites in exchange for receiving do-follow backlinks from them. The process is fairly simple and since you write content for a related or the same industry you are in, the content has to be on similar a line which is an added benefit since you will be able to write original high-quality content for this purpose.

The practice of reaching out to your counterparts in your niche for this sole purpose is called guest post outreach. The post that you create has to have your accreditation on it which will also add a credit back to your social media profiles or website.

  1. Editorial Backlinks

Hands down one of the best backlinks you can receive are from editorial pieces. Now, these don’t have to be just a single type they can either be a link from some citing your content as a source of some information and a referral for some additional information, or even a citation for an infographic or any other visual content created by you. Not to be confused with guest post backlinks since here you will not be reaching out to them for an exchange of content for backlinks. They are voluntarily using a part of your content and credit you for it. This not only makes for a huge honor, especially from high domain authority websites but also paints a very good picture for your content and your company.

Now that you know what kind of backlinks you need to be focusing on, we would still like to point out that a successful SEO campaign can take anywhere between 4 months to a year to execute and start seeing results from. If you need any sort of help to get the ball rolling, our SEO team at Mobikasa would be more than happy to help you out.

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