Why Shopify is the Best E-Commerce Solution for You?

By mobikasa / May 16 2018
Shopify Developers

How many times have you watched your e-store sinking like the ‘Titanic’? How many times have you accused yourself with tags like ‘Fault in my Stars’ for not performing in business?

What if I tell you, it’s not the fault in your ‘stars’ but ‘store’ that’s hindering your business growth! Yes, you read it right. Global e-commerce is on a boom. Running a successful e-store means staying ahead of the trend.

But before I tell you what exactly your store needs, let’s peep into some stats and figures beforehand.

According to a Statista report, E-commerce sales worldwide are projected to exceed $4.88 trillion mark.

Here is a graph that gives a clear view about it.


The above graph shows a massive growth opportunity for e-commerce businesses including yours too. But, is your online store ready to meet increasing demands, tackling heavy traffic or simplifying your order fulfilment process?

With great power comes great responsibility. Likewise, with a growing online store comes the responsibility of streamlining every process perfectly. (YES, your store does need superhero powers!)

Tap into this Industry with Right E-Commerce Platform

Did you know, choosing the right e-commerce platform is crucial for your online store to grow from zero to hero? You may think why. Here is a list of top ecommerce software development companies.

Why is it important to choose the right platform?

An e-store based on other platform may seem profitable for a few months. But with passing time, it starts facing:

  • Problem in inventory management
  • Difficulty in tackling high-volume sales
  • Trouble in order fulfillment
  • Problem of limited staff accounts

And, the list goes on!

There comes a time when the costs for tackling the above issues for your online store shoots up which in turn starts affecting your overall ROI.

Which platform to choose then?

Here is one solution to all your problems- Shopify!


Shopify is a cloud-based enterprise e-commerce solution for growing merchants and brands.

What does Shopify offer?

  • It provides cost-effective enterprise-grade selling capabilities
  • Offers a highly distributed, multi-tenant solution


With this platform, you need not worry about rack space, transaction fees, bandwidth or IT expense! Don’t worry about changing the look and feel of your e-commerce store either. Shopify theme customization gives you an easy way to personalize your store’s layout, content, colors and typography.

Here are some robust features that shows why Shopify is the best solution for your e-commerce store.


  1. 24*7 Technical Support of expert shopify developers via email and live chat
  2. Access to dedicated launch and success manager
  3. Unlimited staff accounts
  4. No upper limit on website bandwidth and transactions
  5. 99.99% uptime
  6. Customized checkout to enhance user experience
  7. Multipass/ SSO to redirect your users from different sites to Shopify store
  8. Scripts for advanced custom functionality without compromising on your store’s flexibility or maintainability.
  9. Up to nine clones for selling in different currencies and locations.


Let’s talk about each feature one-by-one:

1. 24*7 technical Support of shopify developers via email and live chat

At some point we, store owners, may face some issues such as log-in form not working, validation is all messed up, order tracking issues, 3rd party API integrations etc. DAMN! It’s something that often makes us either scream or pull our hair in despair.

But with Shopify, no bug issue or technical glitch in your store can stop you from growing your business! You can access one-point contact for easy resolution via Shopify support team. *Sigh*

2. Dedicated store launch and marketing manager

A dedicated Shopify manager along with a development partner will help you launch your store smoothly. On the other hand, a success manager will always be there to help you get most out of your store and improve revenue by suggesting various measures.

3. Unlimited staff accounts

If you are the store owner but don’t want your staff accounts to access sensitive information of your store, no problem. Shopify gives you the flexibility to set permissions on staff accounts. You can create as many accounts you want and later edit them as well.

4. Unlimited bandwidth and 99.99% uptime

Expecting big traffic numbers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? If your site has limited bandwidth, chances are it will crash. But Shopify has no upper limit on a site’s bandwidth. It doesn’t let your site crash no matter how massive the traffic is.

5. Unlimited SKUs and transactions

There is no upper limit to the number of transactions performed and SKUs added on a site. You can sell unlimited products in your Shopify store.

6. Customised checkout (CSS, HTML, JS)

With Shopify, you get more control over checkout personalization. Add meaningful messages in checkout, add scripts, modify the text, currency, layout and more to enhance user experience and decrease cart abandonment rate.

7. Multipass/ SSO

Allow your customers to log in to your store from your third-party website with a single sign on. The multipass feature redirects them from your third-party site to your store without repeated login.

8. Scripts

Use discount scripts for custom store promotions and shipping script for custom shipping options. Scripts help these offers take place automatically.

9. Create clone stores

Use clone stores for multi-currency and multiple languages. This feature enables you to sell your products globally by linking all your cloned sites together for a seamless experience.

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