Web Development Trends That Dominated 2021

By Mobikasa Admin / Nov 17 2021

Why has web development become such an integral part of internet society today? As a matter of fact, it has become the very backbone of the e-commerce world. In a report published by UNCTAD in May of 2021, global e-commerce sales jumped to $26.7 trillion in 2019, a 4% increase from 2018.

Since COVID these numbers have only gone up so it’s safe to assume that the eCommerce world is an approximately 30 TRILLION dollar market! Where do you fit in this space? Well, competition is fierce and to stay at the top you need to side with the best.

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Now, let’s talk about the meat of this topic – Web Development Trends that Dominated 2021.

Content Management Systems

We simply can’t talk about web development without mentioning the role that the evolution of content management systems (CMSs) has played. CMS platforms are used to effectively and efficiently create and manage digital content that communicates to the user’s everything they need to know about your store. A good CMS will allow you to play around with various usability requirements, SEO capabilities and extensions, and a hundred different support options.

There are many alternatives which it comes to choosing the best proprietary, SaaS, or open-source content management system for your company. These CMSs allow you to leverage these systems and find your way around all the bells and whistles so you can deliver instant content updates and access an abundance of user-friendly features, such as drag-and-drop building alongside streamlining and scheduling, and site maintenance.

Voice Search

In all fairness, Voice Search has been around for a couple of years now, but it was in 2021 that it truly exploded. Every single mobile device and handset has voice search enabled. Not only is this feature prevalent in our pockets but in our homes too which has proven to be a huge leap in the world of web development. Voice-enabled search technology empowers users to utilize voice commands to access websites, mobile applications, or the Internet. These offer the potential to begin optimizing your websites for voice search keywords. This has enabled marketers and business owners to strategize their SEO efforts in such a way that long-tail keywords and short keywords both have an equally fair chance of driving users down the funnel thereby leading to more conversions. This has been able to boost user satisfaction across all verticals and expand websites limits in terms of their capabilities. Not to mention the improved customer service across different countries with multilingual customers. Over and above all of these advanced voice search technologies also save time and optimize simplicity for professional business websites

Single Page Apps

People are always on the move and as such, no one has time for an app to download several pages from a server that fits it to perform a singular function. Since users are short on time, developers have come up with the solution of single-page apps.

Added to user satisfaction, single-page apps also allow for seamless communication with the server thereby reducing costs on the development side and offering an overall better performance with tighter and state of the art data protection. Besides all of this, single-page apps also come with a superior UI/UX browser environment, more focus on APIs, and save a ton of bandwidth. It’s no wonder this has become an emerging factor this year.

Serverless Architecture

As the name suggests, Serverless Architecture dictates that we build apps and or websites and services that run independently. Not to be mistaken, however, the apps and websites still need a server but all the server management work such as provisioning, scaling, maintaining databases, and storage systems, is all done by the AWS.

Companies like Netflix, AOL, and Telenor have already adopted this system and are running with it. There are many advantages to using Serverless Architecture such as reduction in costs in terms of development and support budgets, more flexibility, and stronger architecture.  This has also been shown to increase deployability and has proven to result in more scalability.

Motion UI

Imagine a website with great UI and they think to themselves how will they ever top their game? Introducing Motion User Interface! Minimalistic Motion design has seen a huge upheaval in the year 2021 due to its sophisticated interactions and the way it has caught the attention of the users and has been able to increase engagement alongside lowering bounce rates on websites.

These animations come in the form of or are implemented on charts, pop-ups, headers, pull-down menus, scrolling, and a lot more. Not only does it lend a unique look to the website or homepage but it also sends the message that your company is not redundant; you stay updated with the trends and know how to adapt with the times.

In order to make the most out of this new cascade of features, you must make the most out of each animation that you place on the website or app and each must serve a purpose. For instance, you can use the animations to guide users through your app don which step to take next, react to the users’ gestures so they know their action has elicited a response, or even display the relations between different components of an app which makes for better navigation and an all-round better UI/UX.

Web Development is a fast-moving train on its road to improvement with very few pit stops. If you want to hop on this ride and QUICK, you need to roll with the best. If you are looking for assistance in taking your website or app to the next level, or even have a couple of ideas in the pipeline and would like to discuss them, leave a query in the comments and we will be sure to get in touch with your shortly.

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