Why Choose AngularJS for Web Development in 2021

By Mobikasa Admin / Feb 05 2021
Why Choose AngularJS for Web Development in 2021 - 2

In the world of web development services and products you can expect to find something new and trending every week. Programmers work through heaps of code to find and build something that can enhance user experience and make coding easier for newer users.

Any website development firm will agree that having a set script of code that can make work easier and boost productivity is a boon to have. Rising to the occasion – AngularJS has quickly become popular among many web development companies in New York and other states due to its ease of use and a bunch of other perks we’re going to be looking at so stay tuned.

The competition between rival companies and agencies are at an all-time high in 2021 and as such each developer is looking for the best JS to help them beat the odds. Getting ahead of the curb and staying ahead of times is the end goal and Angular helps developers do just that.

Why Choose AngularJS for Web Development in 2021


Let’s have a look at why AngularJS is the best for web development and ecommerce website design services in 2021.

1. AngularJS is Easy to Test – AngularJS supports both unit and integration testing types. It requires high-end testing efficiencies since it is a JS framework, which involves dynamic coding everywhere.

It contains powerful expressions but fails to take help from the compiler, which is a drawback and hence requires effective coding across. But integrating with dependency injection makes testing easy. In AngularJS, all the JavaScript code needs to undergo a series of tests which makes testing almost a built-in function. With this tool you would be able to start from scratch and test every component of the apps you’re building without any trouble.

Also, AngularJS supports tools like Karma and Jasmine. With that, developers don’t find anomalies during testing operations and it makes testing a whole lot smoother and efficient.

2. AngularJS Involves Less Coding – Developers would jump hearing this and AngularJS reduces coding for each app substantially. Here the data models are simpler to write and require no getters/setters. You can easily manipulate the data using filters without modifying controllers which saves you hours of detailed coding.

Why Choose AngularJS for Web Development in 2021


3. AngularJS Does NOT Require You To Have Pre-Requisite Knowledge – You do not require any pre-requisites or knowledge of additional complex scripting languages to be able to work on Angular JS. All you need is an understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which is a basic pre-requisite for any kind of coding. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are not that difficult to learn and hence you can easily learn Angular JS as well.

Angular inevitably provides a wide learning curve for developers and so many of them prefer using AngularJS over others for their web & app development needs.

4. AngularJS has an Effortless Architecture and Improved Design – AngularJS has been widely accepted because of its simple and uncomplicated architecture that makes design and coding easy for developers, to say the least. Unlike most of the other languages like Malbolge, Intercal, Whitespace or Chef, Angular JS Architecture is easy to understand for anyone.

Developers can add any type of features to the website or application, based on their clients’ requirements much quickly and easily than with any other JS. It is easy to tweak and work with. Angular’s application framework is capable of handling complex requirements and possesses several components that help manage large web applications making it a top horse in the race of programming languages.

It enables developers to handle more than 60 bulk components effortlessly. Developers can easily identify the code and program it without any difficulty. One can even redesign their architecture according to the changing needs of their customers and make their web app more efficient to function. If that wasn’t enough, AngularJS has the kind of improved design architecture that allows even a novice to easily understand and get up to speed with on-going projects in no time.

5. Angular JS Allows for Real-Time Testing – Are testing and debugging taking up hours and extravagant amounts of manpower? With Angular real-time testing is made possible so you don’t have to back forth and check every few steps.

AngularJS allows for both end-to-end and unit testing.

Testing features offered by AngularJS, such as dependency injection oversees how the components of your web application are generated. Additionally, testing features show how to resolve their dependencies. This makes it easier for developers to test their applications and check for errors.

AngularJS is a great framework for developing high-quality dynamic web applications alongside single page web apps. This is because AngularJS is feature-rich and developers do not need to depend on any third-party software to support their applications ergo it is the complete package.

Why Choose AngularJS for Web Development in 2021 - 2


6. Get Optimal Web Application Management with AngularJS – On any typical project web developers will need to break down the code up into three different components – Model, View and Control (MVC). Then, developers manually merge the code of those components to create one whole application. AngularJS saves time as this framework automatically strings the code together and allows for a better web application management experience.

As developers will know, the model component maintains and manages the application data. The view component displays all data or certain portions of the data to the users. While the control component dictates the relationship between the model and the view.

It is easier for developers to maintain and manage the UI component of the application and its database using this MVC pattern which is made available in Angular.

7. Angular Supports Two-Way Dating Binding – It is Angular’s two-way data binding feature that makes AngularJS very popular with developers. AngularJS provides projection of models to the application view and this allows the projection to be seamless and needs little effort from developers. There is no need of fresh cycles for the view and model which made them prone to bugs.

A two-way data binding helps developers with easy transition of data between the architecture model and view, and the way integration takes place between the DOM and the model accurately makes it all the more efficient. This inadvertently saves a lot of time and makes compiling volumes of code easier.

8. Last But Not Least AngularJS is Supported by Google – The AngularJS framework is utilized by Google for its own applications. Having been developed by Google itself, Google’s skilled team of engineers and developers come up with new improvements in the AngularJS framework making it a preference amongst them.

The language has gained credibility due to Google’s backing and constant renovation. There have been numerous updates to this JavaScript and numerous versions have been released over the years.

An additional AngularJS benefit is the vast network of other developers using it which makes for a large community that is constantly helping each other grow and solve issues on the daily. You can easily ask other developers for suggestions and get a better grasp over this JS which is difficult to non-existent with other scripts like React.

Why Choose AngularJS for Web Development in 2021 - 3


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