Mobikasa Inspires and Empowers Businesses Through Innovative Ecommerce Solutions: Tushar Mehta

By Mobikasa Admin / Nov 30 2022
Tushar Mehta

Top-notch quality and creative eCommerce development solutions with an unmatched design for mobile app development, Mobikasa follows an agile approach toward innovation to deliver a successful project. This article by GoodFirms aims to highlight the successful journey traveled by the CEO of Mobikasa Inc – Tushar Mehta.

Mobikasa Inc is a renowned eCommerce development agency that offers web and mobile app development services. It was founded in 2011 with headquarters in Los Angeles and other offices worldwide, including New York, London, and Delhi, India.

Mobikasa’s creative experts work principally and professionally to empower clients’ businesses and help them achieve their goals and objectives. The agency focuses on rapid and dynamic growth for its clients’ businesses. They have expertise in e-commerce development provided to various industries. These qualities helped them become the top ecommerce development company in Los Angeles at GoodFirms.

The GoodFirms team interviewed Tushar Mehta, the Mobikasa Inc CEO, to learn more about the company and its values.

“The MobiKasa, named after Mobile – Mobi, and Kasa – Home, word comes from the Spanish language.” Tushar shares.

Tushar added that their company’s forte is eCommerce, and they have successfully managed. They have developed over 100 customized mobile applications that help clients grow their brand values and gain considerable ROI. They also offer ADA compliance and digital marketing services. They have worked on 2000+ ecommerce websites enabling their clients to gain a solid global presence.

Aiming for Excellence

Tushar mentioned that as a CEO, “I direct the company to achieve its goals and objectives. Besides, I manage executive-level employees with significant decisions related to operations, team expansion, directing and delegating agendas, strategizing the sales approach, maintaining the company’s organizational structure, and attending regular meetings with the board members.”

Business Model

Mobikasa’s business model is in-house, which helps manage the project, control, and maintain the quality of all the outputs, tangible or intangible. Thus, the company does not prefer third-party vendors or outsourcing business models.

Differentiating Factors

Mobikasa is distinguished from other companies’ offerings; they offer an intelligible-powered and integrated portfolio of businesses, outstanding technical expertise, and creative digital marketing solutions. The team uses an agile development approach that provides smooth and boosts the on-time deliveries of projects.

  • The dedicated e-commerce web development team constantly upgrades itself with cutting-edge technologies and expertise to maintain the top-notch quality of the product.
  • It is meaningless if the agency cannot gain customer satisfaction after the product delivery; that’s why Mobikasa’s experts go the extra mile to provide unmatched e-commerce solutions to their clients.

Moreover, the company offers a wide range of e-commerce web development services, including Shopify, Magento, design, testing, migration, support, and maintenance.

Empowering Industries

Mobikasa is empowering various industries like Government, Education, Healthcare, Food, Beverage & Hospitality, Retail, E-Commerce, High Fashion & Luxury, Industrial Supply Chain, Automobile, Textile, Financial Services, Social Networking, Information Technology, Weather Forecasting Services, Media & Entertainment, Digital Accessibility and more from past 11 years with their flawless services.

Customers First Attitude

Since the inception of Mobikasa, they have received various responses, including more positive feedback regarding e-commerce and mobile app development services, says CEO Tushar Mehta.

Further, he added, “Our team comprehends the project and its time requirements that help us to complete the task successfully. The team is dedicated and committed to providing extraordinary engagement and customer satisfaction.

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Pricing Model

Tushar mentioned that their pricing model depends on the type of service availed by the client. For example, when it comes to website maintenance, the minimum price starts from $5000, which is worth 135 hours spent. For dedicated development teams, the price can be fixed based on the monthly or one-time cost for the entire project. Whereas for digital marketing services, the price is based on the complexity level of the task.

Also, during the interview, the CEO discussed budget requirements under minimum and maximum categories. The lowest cost of the budget starts from $5000 that includes a dedicated project manager who manages design, development, digital marketing, and accessibility testing-related decisions. The manager interrelates with other team members and clients to ensure the project is delivered on time.

Tushar has revealed, “in the year 2021, our minimum price range project is $12000, and a maximum is 500,000 USD, a customized marketplace created for the automotive industry”.

Lastly, Mr. Tushar Mehta sees Mobikasa moving forward dynamically to fulfill the ever-changing web and mobile app development industry needs. The company is growing exceptionally through expanding its offerings in hybrid mobile application technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, IoT, Blockchain, etc. Mobikasa’s innovative and creative capabilities will continue empowering its client’s businesses and achieving higher customer satisfaction by delivering outstanding solutions.

The detailed interview with Mobikasa’s CEO, Mr. Tushar Mehta, is available on GoodFirms.

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