Potential Red Flags When Hiring a Web Development Agency

By Mobikasa Admin / May 06 2019
Red Flags When Hiring a Web Development Agency

Online marketing has become the spinal cord of most businesses, as many people are highly active on the internet. No matter the size of your business, you should not take web design lightly because the internet has become a leading source of information for many people across the globe. Whether you are developing a website from scratch or redesigning an old website, you will always be faced with a choice of hiring the services of a web development firm or getting your technical team, if you have one, to do it for you.

Why choose a web development agency?

The functionality and appearance of your website are critical. There is a risk of losing prospective clients if your business website is not professionally designed. Most customers often evaluate companies by researching their online presence before making a purchase. If your website has poor design or is not secure, clients may simply disengage and leave.

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Did you know that the United States is home to some of the most talented web development firms in the world? With competition always on the rise, web development companies are always looking to improve the quality of their services. That being said, if you don’t have the right team on your side, you might not get the results you want. To succeed you need every possible advantage on your side. Searching for a top-notch Web Development Company in New York? Here is a list of firms capable of fulfilling your requirements:

What to look for when hiring a web development agency? This article is a guide on how to look out for potential red flags when hiring a web development agency.

Red Flags When Hiring a Web Development Firm

Consider this scenario. You find a web development firm with affordable pricing and a great portfolio. After careful consideration, you decide to hire their services. Along the way, you begin to observe signs of incompetency. You might not be a web design professional to realize that you just hired fraudsters but the following are nuts and bolts that will help you keep them at bay.

Do they have a physical office and staff? This is a very important question to consider. Many web development agencies are hidden beneath the umbrella of “online-based company”. Professionalism is a must! How a business is presented speaks volume. Even in this modern era where technology has virtually taken over everything, it is common for businesses however small to have a working space or an operation base. A reputed web development company in NYC can be recognized with their employee profile and work space.

Take your time to do a thorough background check by looking at the companies physical address and employee profiles to ascertain whether the business is legit.

Is the company’s website professionally designed? Remember it’s their business to make your site look good and appealing. Shouldn’t their site look beautiful too? If they didn’t put much effort in creating their own, it’s time to leave. Don’t be duped into promises of getting a custom built site when it is just a simple template.

Are their web designs up to date? Styles of presenting websites move fast. Keeping up with the regular updates might be tough but at least the company should stay ahead of the trends. What does it mean if your potential web development agency does not keep up with the trends? Your guess is as good as mine, your business is most likely to get an old-fashion look on the internet.

Find an agency that keeps up with regular changes of modern website designs.

What is their preferred mode of payment? Most legit businesses will ask you to make payments through major credit cards. Checks and direct cash are also used but not preferred in this day and age. If your web development agency demands their pay through a wire transfer you should be worried. If your funds cannot be accounted for it’s just another case of a broken promise.

Are the customer’s reviews satisfying? Do your homework! Negative publicity and numerous complaints from their previous clients might just give you a hint on who you are dealing with. 

Here is how you can spot a web design scam before you get dragged into it.

Has the web development firm ever worked with businesses of your type and on websites with a similar technical requirement? What is their reputation? Looking at the company’s past projects might give you a brief idea of its capabilities.

Communication is very critical. If cannot reach them through any form of communication you need to walk. You cannot hire the services of people you can’t reach. You must be able to make direct interactions with the experts working on your project to monitor the progress through different stages.

Are the prices affordable? This is the first and probably the most troublesome question that will come to your mind when seeking to establish your online presence. Unfortunately, there is no generic answer to that question. However, super cheap prices should be a potential red flag for scammers.

Web design fraudsters will constantly compliment themselves during the whole conversation with little to show for it. You shouldn’t work with such kind of people. Simply look them up online to see if they match the claimed compliments.

Talking figures is important for any business but it should come last after all the details are put into perspective. Anyone who talks numbers within the first few minutes of a conversation is not someone you might want to deal with. They are not into delivering quality services but they are after your dollars.

You need to look out for a web development company that gives your business a valuable competitive advantage in terms of acquiring a convenient and properly functioning website. No matter the size of your business, you need to exceed what your competitors offer on the internet platform. When looking at designing or upgrading your website, you need to go for the best services. Invest in the best web development company in New York because good designs can help increase your returns without having to lift a finger.

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